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Dynamics of Christian Spirituality – 1

October 25, 2020

Dynamics of Christian Spirituality – 1

Speaker : Bevan Smith

We often focus on different aspects of the Christian life but sometimes miss the big picture and how it all fits together. The dynamics of Christian Spirituality is an attempt to show the overview of the Christian life and how God works in our lives now and over time.


There are three dynamics.  The first is RELATIONAL – when we become a Christian we enter into a personal relationship with God as a child of God (Jn 1:12) and as a friend with God.  Like all relationships the Christian life involves cultivating this friendship with God and as we Christ walks with us.


The second is TRANSFORMATIONAL where God is in the business of changing us.  The Holy Spirit is in us and works to move us toward holiness and to restore our brokenness from sin.  This is Christ working in us.


The third is VOCATIONAL which is what we do in our lives to serve God by the spreading of the gospel and the building of the Church. The Holy Spirit has given us unique spiritual giftings to serve him and it is important we seriously find our place to serve God with out lives.  This is Christ working through us.


Often we can think that when we have a good relationship with God we will be transformed and can then serve God.  This separates the vocational aspect from our spiritual lives making it an outcome of our spirituality rather than part of our spirituality.


Instead each of these three aspects affects the other.  Our Relationship with God affects our Transformation and our Vocation.  Our Transformation affects our Vocation and our relationship with God. And our service for God has an effect upon our relationship with God and our transformation.  This is all very dynamic indeed.


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