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Mandalay International Church

Mandalay International Church

The vision statement of MIC

Our love for the Lord Jesus Christ brings us together to worship and to serve Him as a church, impacting Mandalay and the regions beyond with the hope of the Gospel so that God is glorified.

Mandalay International Church was planted not too long ago – on the evening of 24 February 2013.  On that first, historic worship service, we had about 35 adults and 3 children representing various countries like the Netherlands, India, Philippines, Singapore, Australia and of course, Myanmar.  We also had friends from other churches in Naw Pyi Taw (4 hours away by bus) and Yangon (8 hours away).  They came with their felicitations and encouragements. 

We felt the need to start an English church in Mandalay because there was none in existence at that time.  MIC existed for the purpose of meeting the spiritual needs of the foreigners working in Mandalay, particularly the English-speaking believers.  It offered them a place to worship God in a language that was familiar and comprehensible to them.

The nature of any international church is that people will come and go.  Some stayed longer, some shorter but we are always glad that MIC is able to give believers a spiritual solace here in Mandalay.   Some who have already left us have come from countries like the USA, England, South Africa, Nigeria, Mexico, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea.

Over the years, the numbers of internationals attending MIC each Sunday have not been many, it is still an important entity especially for English-speaking believers.  In due time, as the city of Mandalay progresses and prospers, we are certain that there will be more foreigners attending MIC – maybe you too!