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Love is Critical

September 27, 2020

Love is Critical

❤Love is Critical💙
đź“– Ephesians 5:1-2

🎤Speaker : Bevan

⏩ We need to think that we will not look for excuses to not show love, another excuses like I alluded to at the beginning well. What’s more important to love is the truth and therefore we can become harsh with our treatment of the truth and the way that we bring to bear onto people’s lives so that elevating the truth about love can become another excuse to withhold love. Friends there are no excuses in this that we have to walk in the way of love and we have to quit looking for excuses to somehow not do that we’re to walk in the way of love that is we look for ways where we can bring some sacrifice to bear on another person that would bring great benefit into their life. That is we are called to do. We are to quit the excuses and we need to quit looking for thick reasons not to do that. We are to walk into this with the strength and power of the Holy Spirit with the motivation of the example of the wonderful example of Christ’s love for us and the great benefit of the great sacrifice that He made and the great benefit that He brought to our lives where to then follow that example and where to go and love one another’s by sacrificing something of our lives for the benefit of others. We are actually to look out for opportunities to so that. As we do that pleases God because we have responding to His call upon our lives. We are coming and following Christ’s example. So my charge to you and my encouragement to you based on this command is that we have in the word of God is to walk in the way of love and not just let it sort of don’t let these opportunities find you but you go and find opportunities to do that yourself. That is what we are called to do as followers of Jesus. So walk away in love and it is absolutely critical.