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A Pure Heart

December 6, 2020

A Pure Heart

💖 A Pure Heart
📖 Psalm 51

🎤 Speaker: Steve Sullivan

📌 We admire David as a man of God, as someone who walked with God.
📍 His love for God was enormous as can be seen in the way that he writes many of his Psalms.
📍 It is important to note that what David’s appeal is. He does not minimize his sin, or make excuses; or deny what he did.
📍 But he appeals to these two things…the Lord’s unfailing love. And His great compassion.
🖋 People do many things to over come guilt. But the Bible tells us all of these ways are useless.
✒ Jesus said even if a man gained the whole world, it wouldn’t be enough to save his soul
🖌 Sanctification is actually becoming what God has already declared us to be.
🖍 In the book of Jeremiah God promises that He will give us a new heart.
✏ Faith is turning to God and by turning to God we are turning away from the things that Gid does not like, the things that violate His holiness.