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Give online

As we weather through the storm of this pandemic, let’s concentrate on the positives.  Let me suggest some. In our online worship and Bible study classes, we get to see our overseas friends and church planters almost on a weekly basis, something we would have missed if we worship physically in the church.  

Another example is from Matthew 25:35-36.  The Lord said that when He was hungry and thirsty, when He was a stranger and in need of clothes, when He was sick or in prison, we met His needs.  “Whenever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did it for Me” (25:40).  

During this time, we have many around us and around the work of our church planters who are in dire need of assistance for essential food items.  The Lord has given us this opportunity to help them.  Implicitly, we are also ministering to the Lord.  

Our Tachileik church planters, Ma Nun and Olivia, only receive partial support from LoC and MIC because Ma Nun runs a Pre-school and Olivia a Boarding mission.  But due to the pandemic, they have lost their income (for 6 months now).   Those of us who can help to meet the needs of the needy can do so through our church.  Your amount may be small but together, we can make a big difference in their lives.  Just transfer online your donation and indicate what’s the donation is for otherwise it will be assumed it is for the church General fund (which also should not be ignored).

Let’s complete our worship with our giving. LoC


(1) tell the convenience shop storekeeper this number 

09 4307 4553

(2) via Wave Money 

Mobile 09 4307 4553

6 digit password 094307

(3) via KBZ Bank account 

U Par San Min

238 301 40 2000 58101

If you need more information on how to make donations you could contact us on :

 Dr Aung +95 9 450 054 630

Ps Henry +95 9 250 883 892 

Ms Lily +95 9 776 177 720 

Or on WhatsApp Chat – wa.link/ukl3qv